Peter Maly studied Interior Design at the Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) in Detmold. In the 1960s he led the Interior Design team of the German magazine “Schöner Wohnen” (Beautiful Living). Since 1970 he has run his own Design Studio in Hamburg. His furniture designs are produced by Europe’s leading manufacturers and sold worldwide. Characteristic of his work is his love of primary geometric shapes. Peter Maly pursues the ideal of simplicity; his designs are marked by their great clarity, functionality and longevity. He is viewed as one of Europe’s leading furniture designers and has received many awards for his work. In 1995 a book of his work was published by the Form Verlag with the title “Designmonographie Peter Maly” (Peter Maly Design Monograph).

Wave Chair901.01

Wave Chair901.51

Circo Swivel Armchair

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