Born in Vlotho, Westphalia, in 1952, Simon Desanta has made a name for himself in the international furniture design industry. He has patented over 50 furniture functions with his "Industrie Design" studio across the world since its founding in 1976. He has been award many prizes. It is therefore not surprising that manufactures like Brunner, Comforto/Haworth, Kusch & Co. - just to name a few - can be found in his customer portfolio. Simon Desanta's main fields of activities include office furniture solutions. Es is especially involved in seating that take ergonomic aspects in consideration as well as wood and plastic technology. For Comforto, Desanta designed two of the best-selling chair systems: System 77 and System 50. Desanta lives and works in Schloss Holtfeld in Halle Westphalia.

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